st. patrick's day on a budget

Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day and Save More Green

Saint Patty’s Day is a holiday consisting of equal parts partying, excess, and inebriation. It’s one of those holidays where we let loose and just have a good time. Unfortunately, when your budget is tight it can be hard to enjoy the holiday and all the festivities surrounding it.

But there are ways to still have fun and make sure your pot of gold isn’t empty by the end of the night. They key is just to be a little more selective in how and when you cut loose. Here are a few ways to make it through St. Patrick’s Day without breaking the bank.

Go To Someone Else’s Party

If you’re the kind of person who usually throws a party for your friends, think about taking the year off and going to someone else’s party instead. Even the most informal party has costs attached to it: finger foods, green decorations, funny hats, a cooler. All those can add up faster than you think, and before you know it you’ve spent more on your bash than you usually would in an entire week.

Money isn’t really much of a concern when you go to someone else’s party. If you’re not the type to show up at a party empty-handed, you can bring a six pack or bag of chips or sodas, but even that is usually optional. Just make an effort to be friendly and the party’s host will be happy to have you there.

Go Easy On the Alcohol

Whether you like getting hammered or just a little tipsy, the cost of alcohol can add up quickly. For a holiday that’s all about getting sloshed, this can be a bit of a challenge if you are on a budget. But there’s a couple of ways to get around it.

The first is pretty simple: exercise a little moderation. Do you really need a skull-splitting headache the day after? Probably not. Even just a few drinks shaved off the day can help cut your costs. Drinking later in the day is also a good way of cutting down on your total alcohol consumption as you won’t be tempted to keep a buzz going all day.

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Go to the Thrift Store for Your Costume

No one likes being pinched, and when you make the mistake of forgetting to wear green on Saint Patty’s you can end up one giant bruise by the end of the day. But you should also steer clear of the mistake of spending too much of your green on buying green clothes.

Instead of going to the store and buying a new shirt or scarf or jacket you’ll probably never going to wear again, take a trip to your nearest thrift store. Saint Patty’s isn’t a holiday about being fashionable, so let go of your dignity a little and sift through the aisles until you find something that fits both you and the occasion.

Get Some Green

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