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Small Ways to Save $100 a Month

Struggling to save some money? We all know the feeling. According to, nearly 27% of all Americans do not have an emergency fund saved up. So when an emergency does eventually strike, they’re left searching for “payday loan near me” instead. Wish you could join the other 77% and have a financial backup plan in place? Here are some small ways you could save $100 per month.

Get a Cheaper Cell Phone Plan

If you’re like most, you probably have a really expensive phone plan to fund all those selfies and Facebook statuses. As far as cellular plans go, there’s a bunch of alternative options available that will give you the same service you already have for less. If you and your family are paying too much for data, try T-Mobile’s 4 lines for just $40 a month each. It’s a steal.

Get Cash Back

Getting cash back at the cash register is a smart and easy way to save money. Unlike the ATMs, there are no fees for cashback at most supermarkets. Also, getting cashback is better than keeping your money in the bank. It’s easier to lose track of your funds when you’re swiping for everything than when you’re handling actual cash.

Have a Night In

Enjoy a night in to save money. As fun as it is to go out and about with friends for food and drinks, it’s always a better idea to stay inside and make the most out of being home. Think of all the money you’d be saving just by putting up your keys and wallet and sitting down for some household fun with close friends.

have a night in

Say Goodbye to Cable

Cable television is overrated these days. Nobody needs to watch T.V. when we carry the Internet with us in our pockets. You can save money by swapping out your cable subscription for a couple of online streaming memberships. Rather than catching a show on cable, stream it on Netflix or Hulu. Watch all your favorite shows whenever and wherever you want for less.

Throw a Yard Sale

Lastly, throw a yard sale! You have a bunch of extra cash sitting in your house. All you need to do is collect your inventory, price everything out and watch your old stuff quickly turn into money. Throwing a yard sale is a fast and easy way to make cash and declutter at the same time.

So before you go searching for a payday loan near you online, try your hand at saving some extra money by using these simple and easy steps. Now, when the next financial emergency comes up, you can be ready for it.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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